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Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

(Affiliated to ICSE, Affiliation No. : JH023/1978 )
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Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Rv Jsr Pricipal We at Rajendra Vidyalaya believe that the aim of any good school should be to provide the best possible education to its students. All great ideas begin with commitment to the future. Vision gives one the impulse to make the picture of its own. Aim of holistic education is to inculcate the ability to have a mission with a vision. Our primary aim is to develop in the students qualities of Integrity, Honesty, Trust, Tolerance and Compassion, to promote a spirit of inquiry, to foster a scientific temper within the bonds of humanism, to help the students to become a meaningful part of their environment and to see that courage and industry have their due reward. The pursuit of excellence encouraged at RV rests on the positive belief that every man has it in him to produce work that stands out with distinction. We are focused on identifying unique gifts of each individual and helping to create the best life pathways for them so that they grow into sensitive humans and responsible global citizens. Education is a continuous process. It aims to develop the capacities in human nature and to coordinate their expression for the enrichment and progress of the society. In today’s content, education needs an expanded definition that frees it form largely economic context and acknowledge its role in transforming both individual life and the entire society. You are all an integral and responsible part of the society to make it better, be honest, polite, humble and patient. Respect your parents and teachers. Be kind and thankful for everything. Today’s learner is going to hold the reins of society in the future. The learner needs to be adaptable learning continuously and ably – applying knowledge and skills imbibed to the requirement of the situation. In order to maximize learning, students need to inquire into, rather than being instructed. Hence in today’s dynamic and technology driven world where the learner has to adapt to constantly changing situations, the role of a teacher and parent is manifold. Teachers and Parents are like potters – moulding the pliable clay which comes to them in the form of child. The raw material in each case is different. Grooming and shaping young impressionable minds is pretty daunting task. Let us take up the challenge. Giving of oneself is the best way to replenish ones resources. Walk the extra mile to achieve success – always be ready to sacrifice – together we will make a difference. Life is not only finding yourself. Life is also about creating yourself.

Ms. Jayanti Singh Your Principal

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