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Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

(Affiliated to ICSE, Affiliation No. : JH023/1978 )
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Social responsibility

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility  that is, a personal investment in the well-being of others and of the planet-doesn't just happen. It takes intention, attention, and time.

Social responsibility can't be taught directly as knowledge, it can be "caught" in a variety of ways--through observations of the behavior of parents, friends and others; through reading and discussions; through a sense of injustice that demands personal action. It can also be caught through schools that encourage community service in some form or through immersion in a class project that, whatever its success, can transform a person's life.

1. Blood Donation

Blood Donation Camp is Organised every year on 30th June, to mark the Death Anniversary of Shri KNS Sharma Ji. Students, Parents and even outsiders flock to donate blood which is collected with the Blood Bank of Jamshedpur This is a signature project of Bihar Association , started on the 25th year of Rajendra Vidyalaya

2. Interact Club

The Interact Club of Rajendra Vidyalaya undertook various activities to live up to the moto Service Before Self

22nd April 2019

A Rally was taken out by the members of Interact Club to create awareness among the Residents of Jamshedpur about keeping our Mother Earth Clean and Green.

22nd November

Believing in the Joy of Giving, the members of Interact Club of Rajendra Vidyalaya, celebrated Pre Diwali with the less previledged children of the society. They visited an Orphanage and distributed clothes, and sweets.

3. Eco club

19th November 2019

The students of Eco club of Rajendra Vidyalaya took up a project to clean the Domohani ghat. Successful in collection of 40kg plastic waste and creating awareness to keep the rivers clean.

12th December 2019

Children of Eco club of Rajendra Vidyalaya parcipated in a rally to save natural resources and prevent climate change.

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