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Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

(Affiliated to ICSE, Affiliation No. : JH023/1978 )
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The purpose of our co-curricular program is to supplement the regular academic program to provide opportunities of a less strenuous academic nature, for the all round development of the personality of the student. These activities encourage originality and initiativeness.It provides an outlet for channelizing the energy and enthusiasm of the students and offer opportunities for the development of individual talents.

In a nut shell they are essential for the maintenance and growth of the physical and mental health of the child, developing a sense of healthy competition and espirit de corps in him/her.

Activities related to self expression: elocution debate and school magazine.

House System:

All the students are allotted a house. The effective working of the house system develops cooperation on ground based collective efforts, democratic leadership, helping attitude towards all and quality for shouldering responsibility. It’s also include the importance of belonging to a group and love for it encourages participation of the school in school administration.

The children of the school have been divided into four houses. They are:

  1. Blue house -blue colour.
  2. Green house- green colour.
  3. Yellow house-yellow colour.
  4. Red house- red colour.
Student Council:

Having accepted the truth that the children of today are the leaders of tomorrow, we try to train them for the tasks ahead. The Student Council provides an opportunity to train and acquire leadership qualities.

The school also has its own chapters of different clubs.
English and Hindi:

Interact Club, Eco Club, Quiz Club, Achievers Club, Safe Club, Gavel Club, Literary Club, Band, Student Council, Olympiad ,Science Club help giving opportunities to the young men and women to grow in the service of the nation and others.

Sports and Games:

The school makes all necessary arrangement for games and sports which are required for physical development of the students such as:

  1. Cricket
  2. Football
  3. Basketball
  4. Athletics
The School Band:

Interested and selected boys and girls are given training in this field by trained personnel.