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Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

(Affiliated to ICSE, Affiliation No. : JH023/1978 )
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Clubs & Societies

Extra Curricular Activities are an important part of life. They provide pupils with a wide range of opportunities which complement the academic curriculum, allowing students to take advantage of all the facilities available at RV. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in these activities and this page is provided so that parents and pupils are aware of all that is on offer.


An organization, which caters for the in calculation of scientific attitude and genuine interest in science and also supplements the work of the classroom and gives the syllabus a practical dimension is how the science club of RV, SIGMA can be defined. Children can learn and remember things better if they do it and practice rather than just read them. This is the basic principle involved in the formation of our Science Club meant for ‘learning by doing’. The science club of Rajendra Vidyalaya was inaugurated on 5th May 2018 by senior scientist of NML, Jamshedpur in the presence of the honorable chief guest Dr.Arvind Sinha. The Science club aims to channelize the energies of students and make use of their skills and talents, which satisfy their instincts and urges and helps in their overall personality development. Science club works in association with classroom instruction of science subjects. Self-expression, independent research, constructive activities, etc., are some of the opportunities provided by the science clubs. There are no restrictions and the students can work on their own ideas with full freedom. . The club has a teacher moderator whereas the president and the secretary are the students from standard 12. Every year the science club of RV organizes a science exhibition on the birth anniversary of one of the famous Indian scientist Meghnad Saha on 6 October. The scientists of NML, Jamshedpur are invited to examine the talents and skills of students through different science events. The club has a total membership of more than 200 students. This club helps the students overcome their phobia regarding science and learn to accept science as a part of their everyday life. Mrs. Jayanti Singh and Mr. Sajal Guha are in the advisory committee. The members of the science club have left no chance of winning prizes in different science events in the city. They have won several prizes in the events organized by the reputed schools of the city. Model making, exhibition, and science quiz competitions are different events that keep the members of the science club busy throughout the year

Creativity is a trait of the human mind . The Digital Club was created with the intent to provide students an opportunity to explore their creativity in video and digital media. At Rajendra Vidyalaya, every individual is digitally creative and a content creator.Students utilizes the cameras and computer program for individual student projects as well as opportunities for special events at RV. The Digital club has been working on improving the Computer literacy of the school and creating videos for various events held in the school.

Some of the projects the Digital Club is either currently involved in or has been involved in the past include:

  • Welcome Videos of various events like Prize Nite, Leozera, Quizcon , Teseract.
  • Videos depicting the glorious events and past of the school on the occasion of Rajendra Jayanti, Prize Nite.
  • Videos for the various inter school competitions and bagging the prizes.
  • Videos for various intra school events.

A glimpse of those videos can be seen in the gallery section.

GAVEL CLUB: [ The Talking Titans ]

Rajendra Vidyalaya Jamshedpur took a revolutionary step ahead with the formation of the Gavel club under Toastmaster International. This being the first such club in the eastern zone district 41, the inauguration of the club was done by TMOD Dr. Chetna Verma and her team at the school auditorium. The thought of forming this club in our school was the conception of our principal Mrs Jayanti Singh. Children, the members of this club, enhance their art of speaking ,listening and thinking- the vital skills that promote self actualization and leadership potential ,foster human understanding and contribute to the betterment of students. It provides opportunity and encouragement to it students to communicate effectively and to appear before audience and express their thoughts creditably. The school holds regular meetings, public speaking and group discussions. The Gavaliers are on the trail for success. Ms. Sweta Sahai is the teacher moderator while ArpitRanjan , Kaushal kr Singh and Ayush Aditya are the president, the secretary and the Vice President of the club.


The advancement of technology has been the root cause for advent of pollution on the earth. Under such circumstances it is very necessary to have a check on all these so as to keep India clean. A major step was taken by RV in this field by setting up an Eco club on 6th April 2018. The main ideas and objectives of the Eco club is to take care of the surrounding and restrict the destruction caused by human activities. On 26 November, 2018, a programme called Amarder Puja was organised in auditorium of Rajendra Vidyalaya where students were invited to gather knowledge and to further propagate the idea and objectives regarding saving mother earth. An initiative regarding River conservation called Project Tarangini has been set up by Jamport greens. Students made memes ,videos and took photographs of the riverbanks deposited with plastics and thrown away materials. The club member used the concept of reduce, reuse and recycle to turn pet bottles into planters for planting saplings on the day of inauguration. Mrs Kiran Sinha and Mrs Madhavi are the moderators of the club. The upliftment of environment is the main aim of the club.


Creativity is as important now in education as the learning of three Rs-reading, writing and arithmetic. The faculty of English and Hindi Department have been interested to enhance the creativity of the students by giving them a platform to explore, wonder and imagine beyond their realm of imagination by establishing under aegis of our Principal Mrs Jayanti Singh. English and Hindi literary club aims towards inculcating new qualities of leadership, oratory prowess, the art of verbal articulations and premiering qualities related to reading, writing, public speaking and several other skills which helped mould a person's personality from within as a whole. Moderation of the Inter house and intra house events related to debate, elocution and extempore will be at the forefront in carrying out our responsibilities.This will not only build their confidence but also motivate them so that in future they develop prowess in writing and become unique individuals to accept the challenges of life.


“For good ideas and true innovation you need human interaction, conflict ,argument and debate”, once said Margaret Heffeman and indeed she was right.Mastering interaction and socializing skills are very important in these modern times. Keeping that in mind our Principal Mrs Rakhi Banejee re-established the Interact club of our school. She also associated the club with the two most vibrant organizations across the group ‘The Rotary Club of jamshedpur ‘and The Rotary International. The interact club of RV stresses on the optimum utilization of each individual in the society because in the trials and tribulations of life the only people succeeding are the ones who have their skill to co-exist in the society properly. The Association of our interact club with the Rotary Club of jamshedpur was marked by a ceremony in the Beldih club of jamshedpur on the 30th of April. In the ceremony the ex president of the Rotary Club handed over the charter and certificate of Association to our Principal. The interact club will try in the best possible way to accomplish all the above said objectives which will give our nation the youth who would serve our nation with utmost sincerity efficiency and dedication.


The safe club is created with the aim of spreading awareness and to promote the importance of safety in all walks of life preventing the unwanted mishap and cures and instilling in the students, a sense of discipline are its major objectives. Seek safety aim safety follow safety ensure safety teach safety yield shifting. The safe club believes in the above Moto. The moderator Mr Sajal Guha guides in the smooth functioning of the club. The club has 45 members.


Quizzing is not about how many world capitals and flags you have mugged up. Quizzing is not about memorising who scored the first ODI double century on who wrote Ulysses or who won the maximum number of Golden Globes and Oscars. Not even the best quizzes know everything beforehand. Quizzing is about leveraging what you already know and putting it to best use in whatever situation you happen to be in. Quizzing is about that brilliant crack that spilled second analysis in which you weigh subjective probabilities in your head and threw a wild guess out there . TheQuiz club , established in the year 2012 arguably it is the most successful and the oldest club of our school. The quiz club of RV has stood the test of time and brought innumerable accolades to the school. With several achievements to its name ,the quiz club of RV has had a major contribution in establishing RV as a formidable opponent in the quizzing circuit across the country. Under the exemplary guidance of our coordinator Mr N.K. Sharma and Mr jitender Kumar the quiz club of RV has put jamshedpur on the map with significant accomplishments in several national level quizzes.


Everyone is an artist. They only differ in their way of expression.
Raj Vidyalaya has always witnessed great budding artists with unmatched artistic temperaments, irrespective of age. To guide and flourish these great talents the art and craft club was brought into existence The club has a teacher moderator Mrs Jaya Maitra and two students who are the President and the secretary of the club. Both the Secretary and the President share their artistic capabilities and aptitude with the club members to widen their artistic minds and are always trying to motivate the students for the amelioration of the school.


Scout movement is the movement that aims to support young people in their physical mental and spiritual development so that they may play constructive roles in the society with strong determination. We have different programmes organised by Bharat scouts in which our scouts and guides take part from time to time. Trekking to Dalma ,Competitions on the occasion of the thinking day on February 22nd , Road March on April 7th on the occasion of health day and poster designing on the occasion of the Earth Day on April 22nd are few events organised by the scouts and guides.